Do You Need A Content Recipe? You Got It.

             I am aware that you are familiar with a frequently asked question “How can I create a cool blog post that will be appreciated by visitors?”   Nowadays the online marketplace is too much competitive and the amount of success is not so high. The only way to make your stable position as a blogger is to create unique content that helps people.

            Why will people visit your site while they have a lot of better options? You can find valuable and credible content created by professional writers by searching on Google.

An attractive content can make you “A Better option” to the people. SO let’s check out the content recipe and have some ideas about “Cooking a Better content”.


#1: Use Attractive Headline

                  Your headline is the first and perhaps only impression you make on a prospective reader. On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only two out of ten will read the rest. 

          Today’s Visitors are too busy and want to guess quickly which content will help them. AT first, they look at the headline and decide whether the post is better or not. If you don’t have an eye-catching title to attract them, then I can assure you that you will loose your visitors. 

             Want to know more? Check this out.

#2: Research Strategically

                  You know what, researching is the most crucial part. By researching you can brainstorm ideas about your content. That’s not enough, you have to research your competitors and observe carefully what they are writing. Observe their writing styles, layout design, and text formatting. You can also look at their media files. You know very clearly that you have to create a content which is better.

            You can gather your useful information which will help you to create a better structure of your content.

                Read more about research.

#3: Visualize Your Content


"When Readers Can Picture It, They Understand It"

 Media files will help your visitors to understand your content ideas.

         So you have to express your ideas with videos and images which will get you closer to your readers' mind. Even your post can go viral if you can create an awesome infographic.  Here is a great article explaining the importance of visualization.

                 There are many tools you can find online and make your content visual. Check some Eye-Opening Examples of Content Visualization from here.                                                                                             
Do you need some instruction about data visualization? Check this.

#4: Use Authentic Information

To make something special, you have to believe it is special.

Visitors need to believe that you are telling the truth, you are providing right service to them. SO provide valuable information and don’t forget to mention your resources.

Add something about your content that can make you credible. Mention some expert comments, link some valuable and trustworthy website. Authentic information is a key point for your credibility.

Another important aspect of authenticity is, it will help you while marketing your content.

Want to learn more? Let's check this.

#5: Some Tools Are Really Awesome

Having trouble about creating content? Don’t panic, its normal. You know what, nothing is straight. But I am glad to tell you that there are some effective tools which will make your tough task easier.

Use these tools to create your content smartly—

#   Hubspot's blog topic generator will help you about
thinking new angle for your topic.

# use some blog post templates.

# Check this out! Use Grammarly, say goodbye to grammatical mistakes.

# Hemingway app will increase readability of your post.

# Use picochart and canva to create infographics.

# Use some free images websites to collect images that you can use in your content.

Want to learn more about content creation tools? Find it here.

#6: Make Your Content Readable 

"Accept that people scan web pages, rather than reading them in detail, and work with this reality rather than fighting it."

                 "Good readers read with accuracy almost all the time. The last 60 years of research on optimal text difficulty—a body of research that began with Betts (1949)—consistently demonstrates the importance of having students read texts they can read accurately and understand. In fact, research shows that reading at 98 percent or higher accuracy is essential for reading acceleration. Anything less slows the rate of improvement, and anything below 90 percent doesn't improve reading ability at all (Allington, 2012; Ehri, Dreyer, Flugman, & Gross, 2007)."

          So make your content easy to read so that it can hold reader's  interest. It’s a good practice to divide your content into some paragraphs and each para shouldn’t contain more than six or seven lines. Keep your post smaller and smarter.  

So, make sure that it is readable so that shareable.

Learn Some Ways to Make Your Content More Fun to Read


       Honestly speaking, writing a great blog post is really a hard work. It will consume a lot of time. You have to make sure that your post is really useful. You don't want to make your hard labor
unsuccessful. When you rewrite your post, ask yourself:

        #  Have I provided the best information I possibly can?

        # Is there any point missing? 

      # Is it complete?

Good luck.

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