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How To Apply Most Effective Social Media Strategy To Get Traffics To Your Blog

If you want to survive, you need strategies. Creating some good looking contents is not good enough, you just need traffics for the survival of your blog. When you can reach towards audiences, your hard work will pay you. Using social media to promote your blog is necessary, but you have to approach strategically. You have to examine social media, you have to observe it. This article is going to reveal some techniques about how to use these social media strategically that works.
These are most effective social media
1.    Facebook 2.    Twitter 3.    Google+ 4.    Stumbleupon 5.    Digg 6.    Quora

#1: Facebook

                Worldwide, there are over 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users for March 2017 (Facebook MAUs) which is an 18 percent increase year over year.
  #You have to create a facebook page about your niche. Facebook page looks like a blog to me, and you can post videos, photos infographic and lot more. So regularly publish engaging content, Make sure to include links to …

6 Strategies to share your content and maximize your blog traffic

So you have created a content with some couple of hard work with interesting ideas. But is that enough to attract visitors? Yes, great content attracts visitors. But the question is how they can find your great content? If they can’t find your article, how they can read it? The answer is “share it in a right place” That is called content marketing which can make your content alive. This is the most effective way to maximize your blog traffic. Let’s figure out some effective strategies to share your content.

 #1: Don’t eat too much, you have to digest properly 

When you concentrate on being healthy, overeating is not going to help. You need to eat nutritious food and digest them properly. Similarly, you can find a lot of ways to share your content. When you search on Google “how to share my content, you will find even hundreds of social media sites. Please don’t be tempted. You don’t need 101 social media sites, blogs, and forums to share your content. Just find out which is really effec…