6 Strategies to share your content and maximize your blog traffic


                       So you have created a content with some couple of hard work with interesting ideas. But is that enough to attract visitors? Yes, great content attracts visitors. But the question is how they can find your great content? If they can’t find your article, how they can read it? The answer is “share it in a right place” That is called content marketing which can make your content alive. This is the most effective way to maximize your blog traffic. Let’s figure out some effective strategies to share your content.

 #1: Don’t eat too much, you have to digest properly 

When you concentrate on being healthy, overeating is not going to help. You need to eat nutritious food and digest them properly. Similarly, you can find a lot of ways to share your content. When you search on Google “how to share my content, you will find even hundreds of social media sites. Please don’t be tempted. You don’t need 101 social media sites, blogs, and forums to share your content. Just find out which is really effective for you. Pick some useful platforms, and use them. As per my opinion, you need only 5 social media sites, even you can drive millions of traffic using only one of them. For example, you can get tons of traffic only using Reddit. All you need to do is to find your perfect social media and connect with people. Then you can share it in right place. That’s all. Just wait and watch. Your effective Practice will really pay you.

 #2: Identify your niche community and stick to them 

Think about a car seller who is trying to sell his car in a vegetable market. Guess the probability of success. This is also applicable to content marketing. If your blog is about Animals, then don’t try to share it in “healthy eating blog”. Identify some blogs and forums about your niche, you can find it here. Then connect with people, make some conversation, and when you got a chance, share your content like this “this article may help you.

I will write my next article " how to find your niche community".
I hope this will help you.

 #3: Make videos-Grow attention 

Public attention is too much important. When you create a cool video that people can enjoy, you can grow their attention. Viewers can find some interests about your content through a video. That’s why YouTube, daily motion, and video is important for content marketing. 

Magisto is really helpful, you can make your video with it easily. 

 #4: Connect with other bloggers

 Blogging is a journey and you are not alone. You have competitors and you have companions. If you are a beginner blogger, you can find a lot of beginner blogger. You can find some bloggers who are creating same niche contents. Find some of them, you can find it here. Make contact with them. You can help him and he can help you .exchange ideas, make some conversations. That’s how it works. Make your competitors as a companion, this will help you both.

#5: Increase subscribers-Create EBooks 

Do you have a list of emails? Believe it or not, email marketing is really a great idea to promote your content as well as your blog. But Spamming is a big issue here. You cannot bother people by sending email frequently. Send email when they are interested. Ask them to read your article, don’t order. Ask them, if they want some help, your content may be useful. That’s how it works. Buying an email list is so easy, but it is not going to help. Don’t buy, Just build an email list. Great idea is, make your readers as subscribers. Ask them to subscribe, Offer them some useful information which helps them. Create an eBook with brainstorming ideas and fill it in with useful information. Then upload it to your blog and ask them if they are willing to download it. they will download it providing their emails. that’s it, you got your email list. Send emails to your readers when you write new content or make any update. Read this how to make your email list.

This article is also helpful if you are interested. Check this

 #6: Don’t be a spammer- Just help people 

The biggest mistake of beginner blogger is spamming. Sharing your content is okay, but sharing your content everywhere is not really a good idea. You know that bothers people. Can you tolerate a person who is bothering you? No? Then why you are bothering others? Create some values. People are hunting for help. Help them. Ask them whether they need you. Provide information, join in the conversation. Help people, you will be helped by them.

 Oh, I am sorry, I forgot something important. Not each traffic is useful. Don’t hunger for tons of Garbage traffic, but search for some real visitors. You are creating content for people, not for robots. Consider 1 real visitor as a valuable asset. Have some patience, stick to your plan. Believe yourself, your hard work is not going to fail. You just need to create better content.

You can learn about applying social media strategies here 

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