How To Apply Most Effective Social Media Strategy To Get Traffics To Your Blog


If you want to survive, you need strategies. Creating some good looking contents is not good enough, you just need traffics for the survival of your blog. When you can reach towards audiences, your hard work will pay you. Using social media to promote your blog is necessary, but you have to approach strategically. You have to examine social media, you have to observe it. This article is going to reveal some techniques about how to use these social media strategically that works.

These are most effective social media

1.    Facebook
2.    Twitter
3.    Google+
4.    Stumbleupon
5.    Digg
6.    Quora

#1: Facebook

                Worldwide, there are over 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users for March 2017 (Facebook MAUs) which is an 18 percent increase year over year.

  #You have to create a facebook page about your niche. Facebook page looks like a blog to me, and you can post videos, photos infographic and lot more. So regularly publish engaging content, Make sure to include links to your website on your Page post, so that people can easily click through to your website.
There is a huge opportunity that you can share your post to your Facebook page and drive more and more traffics.

# You can participate in a conversation in facebook groups.Join the group through your Facebook Page instead of joining it through your personal account. That will promote your Facebook page as well as your website.

#You can use Facebook advertising also, It will give you thousands of likes and eventually that is helpful for your website.
You can create pools and contest on Facebook, that may get a huge response.

#Sharing other people's blog content(that content must be helpful and that blog must be popular) is also a great idea to get more like share and comment.

#2: Twitter

     As of the first quarter of 2017, the microblogging service averaged at 328 million monthly active users. Total Number of Tweets sent per Day: 500 million

# Tweet creatively. Use an attractive photo which will increase interaction rates.Make it short.

# Use quotes. Studies have shown that a tweet with a quote is 54%more likely to get retweeted.

# Utilizing hashtags is a great way to grow interests about a specific keyword of your post.

# Use mentions. You can tweet other great posts and mention them. It might just get your tweet retweeted to their followers.

# You can tweet your blog post links more than once. Retweets will generate more views.

# Create a video about your blog post, it will grow more public interests.

#You can apply some expert quotes and mention it, people love quotes.

#Check this  Clicktotweets, it's really cool

 Twitter is an awesome platform and you can learn and develop the proper use of it. But if you really want to use Twitter as a strategic marketing tool, you have to be creative.

#3: Google +

     Officially, Google+ has more than 2.5 billion users, which would make it by far the largest social network in the world, with almost twice as many members as Facebook. However, even Google doesn't peddle this line. - 

Google Plus is a bit different than others. You may consider it as another blog. You can post here, use awesome headlines, visualize it with images or infographics. Even using video will increase your views.

#Google Plus has highly active communities which can give chances to share your blog posts. Some of these groups have more than 100K members and have high chances of getting significant traffic if you create valuable posts.

#There are groups on almost every niche on Google Plus, and you can join too. You can also create a group for you if you think yours doesn’t fit any community out there.
To get access to Google plus communities, you can search your direct keyword in the search bar.

#Customize your Google Plus page with attractive looks.

# Use Google+ tools to make your tasks easier.

#4: StumbleUpon

        StumbleUpon is the 4th highest social media traffic driver.  It has 30 million active monthly users.You can drive 10,000 visitors to a single blog post within the first few days it was published, free of cost.It is a social bookmark community. Bloggers want to share their quality content.
Readers want quality content. StumbleUpon plays as an intermediary between the two.

#Add the “StumbleUpon” button to your browser. Then, when you come across blog posts or infographics you like, use the StumbleUpon button to like them on the network. This is also how you begin promoting your own content. Along with the content you share, highlight your own posts and photos, too.

#If your chosen category is popular and followed by a lot of people, you’ll get more traffic for your submission. You can visit the category page for insights.contents are listed categorically.

#Don’t just Stumble your own page. A good rule of thumb is: for every 1 page of your site you stumble, you should stumble 10 others.

#5: DIGG

             For a marketer, can serve as a viral platform for content. Links on the homepage can spread around the Web, generating hundreds, sometimes thousands of inbound links. They receive
 at least 2.5 million visitors per month in the US alone and have an Alexa rating of 167, PageRank of 8, and Domain Authority of 100.

“My average Digg homepage stories have been getting anywhere from 400-600 one-way links, per article. Obviously, there are exceptions. I’ve had one with 2,000 or 3,000 minimum,” says Dean Hunt, Buzz Marketer, MidasCode Ltd.

Cameron Olthuis, CEO, Factive Media, says he gets articles onto the Digg homepage almost every day. One successful article, ‘The Most Dangerous Drug in the World,’ attracted 50,000 to 60,000 unique visitors and more than 2,000 inbound links.

# Analyze content

If you’re new to Digg, spend a week or so browsing the website before trying to leverage its traffic. Study what kinds of articles make it to the homepage and topic pages. Think about how you could make content appeal to the Digg crowd.

Start with a search on the site. Here’s how:

> Go to Digg’s search page

> Select to search only “front page stories” from the drop-down menu

> Type in keywords for your industry

>See what type of content could work for you

# You have to dig original source

#Digg and comment on submissions in your area of interest. Follow people in hopes that they follow you back.

#Digg will penalize users who submit their own content too frequently.

#Use an eye-catching  Title and Description in Your Diggs

#Be an Active Digger.

#Add the Digg Button to your content. Share your submission on Twitter.


           “We have about 100 million monthly unique visitors. About half are from the US and 15% are from India. But, we don't focus much on these numbers because we usually optimize for quality and that comes with a tradeoff against volume.” Adam D'Angelo, Quora Founder & CEO

# Your first task is to create your profile. There is no purpose of getting exposure by demonstrating your industry expertise if people go to your profile to learn more about you and there is nothing there.

To edit your profile, click on your name in the top menu bar. Then click on the Edit links to add your headline and profile content.
your first task is to create your profile. There is no purpose of getting exposure by demonstrating your industry expertise if people go to your profile to learn more about you and there is nothing there.

To edit your profile, click on your name in the top menu bar. Then click on the Edit links to add your headline and profile content.

#You can find some great questions on Quora. Some questions and answers get millions of views. Find a new Facebook to answer or one with more than 1,000 views per week. If it is relevant, then answer. If your answer is helpful and your link is submitted properly, then you can get a lot of traffic.

#You can create a blog on Quora and make the best use of it.

#You have to write a well thought out response that provides value to the Answer. You will get Facebook upvotes for it.
If you try and copy and paste the same Answer on Thread after Thread, you’ll see They receive their attention.

#Quora is a source of long term traffic to your blog. You may get thousands of views after one month.

# You can visualize your answer by adding an image to your answer.You can get more upvotes through a visualized answer.

       You know very well that social media is competitive, and it is not so easy to drive traffic to your blog. Using social media properly depends on your practice. So don't give up, observe how social media works.when you can apply strategy, you will be successful. Believe yourself, your hard work is not gonna fail you.



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